A Mother’s Words of Wisdom

I am very thankful for my mother and the words of wisdom she has shared throughout the years. She has been there for me through the good and not so good times. As I take on the role of parenthood, I think more and more about the principles I want to share with my son. I know that in order to truly share them with my son, I must emulate them. I have to be what I talk about.

I want to add something good to this world, and my mother has been the very inspiration that I need to do this. I am so grateful for her openness and willingness to talk to her children about life. I remember thinking as a child how grateful I was to have a parent who talked to me and helped me formulate values and principles to live by. It may have been the stress of being a single parent or that she loved us so much that sparked the importance of communication in her.

One of the big principles that I think about daily is to be grateful for what I have. We did not grow up with a lot; however, our basic needs were met, and I am forever grateful for this. I learned to take care of what I have, and I am well known for taking care of myself and my belongings no matter how long my belongings will be in my possession.

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