Time to apologize…Not when you are dying


When is it the right time to apologize? We all have that internal barometer to know when we have done something wrong to another. The fact becomes whether or not we want to acknowledge our wrong doing and admit fault. Admitting fault does not make you weak, but actually makes you stronger. This internal barometer becomes easier to read when we pay attention to it and follow it.

Sometimes we may need to be reminded every now and then, that a action or comment was mean or uncalled for. Instead of stooping ourselves down to the level of the other person involved, why not apologize and move on? So many times, our pride gets in the way of realizing that the experience you had was meant to build you up instead of tear you down.

I have wondered if this thought is mean…But, I do not want an apology when you are near death and trying to make peace with what you have done…out of fear of what is on the other side. Apologize while you are healthy and in sound mind…not when you are pushed out of fear. Do it because your heart…your conscious has lead you to it.

I know one should not wait for an apology. Life is for living. When you wait for an apology, you are not living. A lot could be cleared up though when it happens.

Who has been on your mind to call and apologize?

Until next time,

Timika Chambers RN BSN MSN CDE
Author, Poet
A mother’s words of wisdom. From my heart to yours. Building within.

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