Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future: You Do

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I hope you had a fantastic weekend! It’s Monday, and I have a message for you. What inner programming have you been carrying around with you? How do you face a diagnosis or an illness? What do you tell yourself when you notice a cold, flu, or other symptoms? Do you believe that because someone else in your family had something (anxiety, diabetes, loss of limb, or other condition), that you will have it, too?

Well, I believe,

Listen to this week’s message on Create A Generational Love Cycle.

How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Event Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

Continual observation of our inner garden is necessary for removing weeds and anything else that doesn't belong to us.  Don't let others' actions and opinions rob you of your abundant harvest.  A mental transformation occurs before a physical one. So keep planting seeds of curiosity, joy, peace, purpose, and Truth! These childlike curiosities didn't cause the trauma; someone used them for evil and not good.   Remember who you are. Timika 
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Make this lifetime great! Don’t you deserve a life of joy, love, and purpose.


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