Resiliency: An Often Overlooked Superpower

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How often do you overlook that regardless of what you’ve experienced, you are still here? One of the reasons we continue to wake up each morning is because we have work to do. No experience identifies us. Our life circumstances can awaken us to the often dormant powers within us.

Keep rising every day, knowing that you have everything you need to meet your growth opportunities and become the best You.

In today’s podcast, I share when I first heard the word resiliency and how you, too have access to this superpower.

Happy New Year!  In the first episode of the year, I share one of the many principles my mother taught me as a child and how it's essential to creating a generational love cycle.  Create A Generational Love Cycle is not about religion but spiritual evolution and revolution.  Everything you need to be who you are is already inside of you.  This podcast aims to help you remember who you are. Timika S Chambers
  1. Give From The Heart
  2. It's More Than Being Positive. It's A Way Of Life.
  3. Give Yourself The Greatest Gift Of All
  4. How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Event
  5. Will You Take On The Gratitude Challenge (Opportunity)?

Make this lifetime great! You have every right to do so!

Timika Chambers

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