Monthly Archives: December 2016

Calm: when things don’t quite go your way

Calm I remember thinking as a young girl that things are not what they seem. Our life’s journey is so much deeper than what we see and experience. It is not so much about what you are going through, but how you respond to whatever it is that you are going through. We all have […]

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Discover: Talent explosion

Discover There are so many individuals with such great gifts and talents. I do not usually spend a lot of time on Facebook. I just finished listening to Jess Suilenroc (singing a song by Deniece Williams) and Fantasia’s mom singing. Wow!! Beautiful voices. When you see and hear talent so natural and effortless, I am […]

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Fortune: Change for the better

Fortune It is our choice to let fortune control us, or we control how we spend our fortune. We can use our status to spread love and joy or spread hate and anger. We can bring peace where there is no peace. We can bring hope where there is no hope. We can bring understanding […]

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