It’s Not Too Late To Break Free

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Domestic abuse was my first experience with the generational cycle of pain. Before the age of five, I reported to one of my father’s family members that my father was abusing my mother. Here is an excerpt from my current & revised titled manuscript, The Audacity to Write My Truth:

“Sometime after my plea for help, I sat in a chair in our Memphis apartment kitchen with my back facing the front door. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was on trial for telling the Truth. My father kept circling back and forth, coming closer to me, flailing his arms and hands, and yelling at me. Of all the words he said that day, the only thing I remember was I had no business telling someone what was going on at home. I couldn’t believe what I heard. At some point, I turned inward, questioning if I was the one who had done something wrong. Finally, I returned to the present moment, thinking that I was right to expose my father, for, in my mind, I couldn’t make abusing someone right. But, unbeknownst to me, seeds of self-doubt entered my subconscious mind (inner garden).”

Unfortunately, the belief that it is okay to project our pain on others still circulates the world. Domestic violence is a microcosm of the larger generational cycle of pain. We must undo the belief that we have the right to emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually hurt others. Blaming people who abuse others and those who accept abuse is never the answer to breaking a cycle of pain, for the one who abuses another is in pain. All of us deserve to be free.

  1. Our actions and inactions have a direct and indirect effect on others. For example, we teach others by example how to manage their emotions. If I don’t hold a person accountable for their pain and say “I’m sorry, it’s my fault you feel angry.” We have just taught them their pain is the result of another’s actions instead of their perception of the experience. 
  2. All of us embody abilities, capabilities, gifts, and talents and have a divine right to self-expression without the opposition of others. 
  3. All of us are accountable and responsible for our pain. 
  4. Experiences are opportunities to show us where we are on our journey of self-actualization. 
  5. There are life lessons and not mistakes. Therefore, there is no need to dehumanize ourselves or others when we don’t get the results we want. Instead, we learn, grow, and live.
  6. There is never a reason to hit, kick, push, demean, minimize, dehumanize another human being. Our actions directly reflect our beliefs and state of being and not the other way around. 
  7. Children mimic what they hear and see (continuing the cycle of pain). A battered wife can quickly become a battered daughter or son. A father who takes his anger out on his wife can soon turn into a son who takes his emotions out on his sister, teachers, and other women.
  8. Our body is the temple for our divine purpose; therefore, we honor the sanctity of the human body.
  9. Everything we do stems from the choice to accept or reject the Truth presented before and within us.
  10. There are no jokes about birth, color, race, religion, body parts, and other personal information. Often, abuse starts with subtle words and then abusive action. 
  11. A title does not authorize abuse and misuse of someone. 
  12. Healing is necessary for the regeneration of oneself and the world.
  13. Our experiences feed off one another. The more pain we project, the more pain we feel.
  14. Our journey is not about keeping tradition, but an evolvement of consciousness, having the audacity to change what is not working for the good of humanity.
  15. No one is greater or smaller than the other person.
  16. Opportunities for self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-mastery are some of the treasures we can find in every experience.

Everyone has the right to be here and express the Love inside of them. Honor yourself by honoring others.

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How You Can Enjoy Pumpkin With Less Sugar Fuss

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I hope all is well with you and yours! Check out my most recent blog on Diathrive about Pumpkin health.

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready For School, Life, and Everything In Between?

I am enjoying my nature-induced vacation and playing around taking family pictures. I definitely needed a break from the world. Thankfully, a higher power exists to help us do what we need to do. I’ll share more about my universe-requested vacation on next week’s Podcast.

For those of you who have children, are you ready for school to start? Did you spend some time preparing yourself and your children for meals, snacks, & schedules? My son, Cam, helped to devise our meals and snack s menu through December.

Are you resting and relaxing in between all the hard work you do? Do you have self-care moments scheduled for yourself and your children? Did you spend time completing lingering (neglected) projects?

We used The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook by The Food Network Magazine for some recipes, which Cam borrowed from our local library. I am so excited about trying some of the recipes, including the Fake-Out Cakes.

Even if your school has already started, you still have time to slow things down and make a flexible schedule, which is a win-win for everyone on your family team. I include home maintenance activities, physical activity sessions& health plan, writing time, recess, and PE in our home schedules. I used to get frustrated when things didn’t go as planned until I remembered there is a higher plan, and I need to surrender an intelligence that knows everything. Even if I don’t complete everything on the schedule at the designated times and days, at least I have a guide.

Instead of homeschooling this year, we enrolled our daughter and son in an online public school program. I want our children to learn in a safe environment, have the freedom to cook and eat what they wanted, incorporate the bible and devotion, inspirational books, and flexibility with breaks, lunches, recesses, and PE. Thankfully, the universe answered via my husband. The online public school provides structured classes, socialization periods, free materials, including texts, preparation for state exams, and flexible scheduling.

We are still in the thick of preparation (rest & work balance), but I feel that I’m coming out of my cocoon. How about you?

We can do our best to plan and prepare and still surrender to life’s higher plan for our lives. I pray for comfort, love, and peace that surpasses understanding for you and yours. May you fulfill your divine purpose and transcend life experiences!

Make this lifetime great!

Timika Chambers

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