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Hi there!

When contemplating what to write about myself, I thought of all my experiences. But, then I remembered that my experiences don’t define me. I do. So, here you go!

My Beliefs:

I believe:

  1. I am part of a greater Spirit that created the world and beyond.
  2. I am on an earthly mission to express Love through writing. The areas I write in are children’s books, memoirs, poems, and screenplays. This year, I wrote my first screenplay, and it was a lot of fun. I want to help people remember who they are and fulfill their divine purpose.
  3. My experiences help remind me of who I am and what I’m here to do.
  4. My life has a purpose.
  5. Everyone has artistic gifts (architecture/construction, dancer, painter, speaker, writing, speaking, etc.), and they are the mediums by which we express Love.
  6. There is enough for all. There is no need for competition, jealousy, resentment, vengeance, and other ill emotions and feelings.
  7. Children should enjoy life and not carry generational wounds.
  8. I should be able to live my life without the opposition of others.
  9. God uses experiences for the greater good of all.
  10. I have what I need to pursue our creative endeavors.
  11. God designed my outer covering (color, nose, eyes, hair) for my earthly journey.
  12. All experiences build upon the next. I chose to climb the mountain of betterment after my abuse experience and other experiences after that.
  13. Within me is the ability to express love or hate. I choose Love.
  14. Truth is accessible and available. No matter what I go through, I am never alone.
  15. My beliefs help direct and guide my path.
  16. My body is the fantastic vehicle for sharing my divine message.
  17. There is always something to learn about myself.
  18. No one is greater or lesser than the other.
  19. I can break the generational cycle of pain by creating a generational cycle of love.
  20. Everything I need to know about life is in nature.
  21. The Truth needs no confirmation and comes in many forms.
  22. I earn my living by expressing my divine gifts and lessons learned from my experiences.
  23. There is always a way to get something done.
  24. I believe in second chances.
  25. What I believe about myself, I believe about others.

Educational Background:

I hold a Master’s as a Nurse Educator and a BSN in nursing. I have over 20 years in the healthcare industry. I’ve completed training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I hold American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer and certification as a Diabetes Care Education Specialist (aka Diabetes Educator).


My hobbies include:

  1. Cooking. I love creating traditional foods with a healthy kick.
  2. Gardening. I love eating crisp vegetables and whole fruits. The idea of something coming from a small seed blows my mind.
  3. Biographies. I love listening to and seeing real life stories of people overcoming life experiences.
  4. Journaling. Besides gloves, masks, and my purse, I always have a notebook and pencils and pens.
  5. Listening to music. I love listening to some country music ( Celine Dion, Tim McGraw, etc.) gospel, and R& B. One of my favorite stations for gospel music is Klove.
  6. Movies. I love watching comedy (somewhat clean), drama (family), and action movies. My favorite actors are Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Loretta Devine, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Regina King, Richard Gere, Viola Davis, and others.
  7. Reading empowering, insightful, and inspirational works. My favorite authors include Julia Cameron, Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Dale Carnegie, Eckhart Tolle, Maya Angelou, Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Morrison, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, etc.
  8. Sitting out in nature. I love seeing God’s beautiful creation and letting my mind wander.
  9. Spending time with husband and two children, a boy and a girl.
  10. Walking. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve enjoyed walking because it clears my mind and allows my mind to bond with nature.

My Journey Thus Far:

I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. After 4 1/2 years, my mother bought one-way bus tickets. And with three children under the age of 5, two suitcases, and $4000, she left an abusive marriage. Between the ages of 5–10, two family members led me into the dark wilderness of sexual abuse. Five years later, after the secret was out, I called out to nature for help. A series of events happened. I don’t remember the order, but I consumed the King James Bible, learned about Jesus Christ and His commitment to His purpose, and stored the Lord’s prayer in my heart.

My belief in a Higher Power opened the door to a spiritual healing journey. For years, I thought my nursing path was a detour, but it, along with my faith, helped me avoid many of the reported childhood sexual abuse consequences. Through it all, I never gave up on my childhood dreams. I have traveled to some beautiful places. I am married to a guy less than five years older than me. He has brown and green eyes, and I have a curly head boy and girl. I’ve had many of my dreams come true, including living next to the Ocean, beautiful mountains, and several poised trees.

Works in Progress:

  1. Memoirs: I have completed the manuscript of my memoir, The Audacity To Write My Truth, about my childhood sexual abuse, the lessons I learned. I have other memoirs in the works.
  2. Screenplays: I have one completed script related to family drama, and I have another one halfway completed. My scripts deal with breaking the generational cycle of pain.

My Next Desires:

I want to work with like-minded people who have a relentless determination to make the world a better place.

I look forward to seeing the rest of my life unfold.

Make this lifetime great! You deserve to!


The Greatest Gift Of All

What is the greatest gift you can give yourself? Do you automatically think about a house, new clothes, shoes, vehicles, or other fancies? What can you give yourself that keeps on giving? Listen to today’s podcast to what I believe is the greatest gift you can give yourself, especially if you’ve been through a traumatic experience and struggle with your healing path.

Remember, anything you haven’t dealt with will continue to rise like oil in water. Some things won’t mix no matter how hard you try or think they should. 

Give Yourself The Greatest Gift Of All Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

Recently, I learned that for some people who experienced childhood sexual abuse, the holidays might be a challenging time (triggers, etc.).  May this episode encourage, inspire, and empower you to take your life back.  Don't wait until the new year.  Realize today that you are more significant than your abuse experience, and you are here for reasons.  Step into the new year accepting and acknowledging your Truths, dismantling myths, and parting ways from your abuse experience. Cultivate a life-sustaining mindset and uncover the treasures that are inside of you.  Set your navigation to return to the place inside you where there is a peace that surpasses understanding.  Come back Home. You have every right to take your life back. Timika Facebook Website
  1. Give Yourself The Greatest Gift Of All
  2. How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Event
  3. Will You Take On The Gratitude Challenge (Opportunity)?
  4. Resiliency: An Often Overlooked Superpower
  5. The Past Doesn't Determine Your Future: You Do.

Make this lifetime great! You still can!

Timika Chambers

How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Experience

Hi there!

Continual observation of our inner garden is necessary for removing weeds and anything else that doesn’t belong to us. Don’t let others’ actions and opinions rob you of your abundant harvest. A mental transformation occurs before a physical one. So keep planting seeds of curiosity, joy, peace, purpose, and Truth! These childlike curiosities didn’t cause the trauma; someone used them for evil and not good.

Make this lifetime great!

You have every right to do so!

Timika Chambers

Receive Five Spiritual Truths To Help You Find Your Way Back To Yourself (Home) After Childhood…I want to support you in fulfilling your divine purpose in the best health possible. Childhood sexual abuse or any…timikaschambers.com

Gratitude Is Self-Preservation

Hi there!

One of the keys to health and wellness is taking care of what I have. When you are grateful for your heart, lungs, legs, arms, life, breath, and all that makes you, you want to take care of yourself. Our body is a miraculous entity that many are still trying to understand. We are not complicated; we are miraculous beings. We are a reflection and an extension of Nature. We are resilient, blossoming after every life storm more beautiful than before (spirit). We must believe we are not fragile but more powerful than we can ever imagine. Take some time to be in or ponder the curiosity of Nature, planets, solar systems, and how our bodies reflect creation. Align with the force within you that makes your heart pump nutrients through several highways and byways, lungs bring in oxygen, and muscles contract.

Many blessings to you and yours this day and days to come.

Timika Chambers

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