Let the Holidays Be Opportunities for You to Heal

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Healing from the inside involves seeing opportunities instead of challenges. For example, a scary dream is an opportunity to assess your fears. Episodes of anger are opportunities to assess your boundaries. Just because you feel something doesn’t mean you have to become it. No one takes your curiosity, desire to live and fulfill your purpose, and joy away unless you choose to.

You have the power to make this lifetime great. But, so often, our life changes after our thoughts about life change. Emotions are feelings, and you choose how you want to use them. You have the right to heal, set boundaries, and experience freedom during the holidays. We cannot change the past, but we can change how we interpret the past.

Listen to this week’s Create A Generational Cycle episode and let me know your thoughts.

Timika S Chambers
Hi there! Life presents us with different situations to express our true selves. We must be careful in not harboring…timikaschambers.com

The Discussion About Color and Promoting Unity Within the Home First

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The color of our skin wasn’t meant to be a distraction but to be a part of our evolution of spiritual beings in earthly form. The personality and spirit are to become one, not to see division but unity, serving one another with compassion, grace, love, mercy, truth, and understanding. Just like the many colors on the earth, human color adds vitality and strength. Seeing our Creator in different forms should strengthen our bond with Him instead of adding divisiveness. Whatever we teach in the home becomes evident in the world. 

Being a parent is an opportunity to promote unity, but first, we must seek within and assess our beliefs. We must ask what grounds does division stand on and how stable is this foundation. In other words, what truths support division? What truths support unity?

Then, we honor the truths within us and share them with future generations. 

Make this lifetime great because you still can….with one thought at a time.

Timika S Chambers
Hi there! I hope all is well with you and yours, and you are getting some much-needed rest! Self-reflection is critical…timikaschambers.com

Master Your Emotions or Be Mastered By Them

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I hope you and yours are well! We can’t go through life without experiences. But within us is the power to choose how we process data from these experiences. Emotions and feelings are data, and we decide how we want to handle the data. Every occasion is an opportunity to strengthen yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your thoughts affect the physical wiring of your body. 

Remember that you are in control. You are the master of yourself. You can change your thoughts, environment, and health by how you process data. 

You can remember that:

  1. No experiences define you.
  2. Life is working for your good.
  3. Every experience builds on the next one. There is always something to learn about yourself and apply to another experience.
  4. Just because someone else experienced it, it doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, you can choose to break the cycle of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

In today’s Create A Generational Love Cycle episode, I share my insights on how we can be better data processors.

As always, make this lifetime great because you still can.


Timika S Chambers
Hi there! I hope all is well with you and yours and that you are getting some much-needed rest! Self-reflection is critical…timikaschambers.com.

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