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I hope all is well with you and yours! Check out my most recent blog on Diathrive about Pumpkin health.

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready For School, Life, and Everything In Between?

I am enjoying my nature-induced vacation and playing around taking family pictures. I definitely needed a break from the world. Thankfully, a higher power exists to help us do what we need to do. I’ll share more about my universe-requested vacation on next week’s Podcast.

For those of you who have children, are you ready for school to start? Did you spend some time preparing yourself and your children for meals, snacks, & schedules? My son, Cam, helped to devise our meals and snack s menu through December.

Are you resting and relaxing in between all the hard work you do? Do you have self-care moments scheduled for yourself and your children? Did you spend time completing lingering (neglected) projects?

We used The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook by The Food Network Magazine for some recipes, which Cam borrowed from our local library. I am so excited about trying some of the recipes, including the Fake-Out Cakes.

Even if your school has already started, you still have time to slow things down and make a flexible schedule, which is a win-win for everyone on your family team. I include home maintenance activities, physical activity sessions& health plan, writing time, recess, and PE in our home schedules. I used to get frustrated when things didn’t go as planned until I remembered there is a higher plan, and I need to surrender an intelligence that knows everything. Even if I don’t complete everything on the schedule at the designated times and days, at least I have a guide.

Instead of homeschooling this year, we enrolled our daughter and son in an online public school program. I want our children to learn in a safe environment, have the freedom to cook and eat what they wanted, incorporate the bible and devotion, inspirational books, and flexibility with breaks, lunches, recesses, and PE. Thankfully, the universe answered via my husband. The online public school provides structured classes, socialization periods, free materials, including texts, preparation for state exams, and flexible scheduling.

We are still in the thick of preparation (rest & work balance), but I feel that I’m coming out of my cocoon. How about you?

We can do our best to plan and prepare and still surrender to life’s higher plan for our lives. I pray for comfort, love, and peace that surpasses understanding for you and yours. May you fulfill your divine purpose and transcend life experiences!

Make this lifetime great!

Timika Chambers

When Life Seems Undigestible

I mentioned how a series of events occurred after my childhood abuse secret was out in my previous writings. Around 10 years old, I looked to the only thing I believed could make something undigestible, digestible. So, I looked outside my bedroom window and said, “I want to be aligned with nature.” 

My mother has always had a fascination with plants. So, when we moved into our first home, she decorated our front yard with her favorites. During early mornings and late evenings, I either sat on the porch admiring nature’s stillness or walked up and down our street, around our house or through our front yard, allowing my mind to wonder. It would take me several years to realize our front yard was the mini sanctuary I often dispelled myths and negative thoughts related to my childhood sexual abuse and other life situations.

While walking a few feet outside of our front yard one day, I realized the word mistakes sounded so negative and didn’t serve the spiritual approach mindset I wanted to have about life. So right then, I substituted the word “mistakes” with life lessons. In my current manuscript about my childhood sexual abuse experience, I share that I didn’t want to live a life of regrets. So instead, I focused on learning from my life and others’ experiences. Therefore, I used my childhood sexual abuse as stepping stones to navigating life instead of a barrier to happiness.

While walking through the living room of our first home on another occasion, I received the thought life is about building character. Life is not out to get us but to show us who we are on the inside. Within us are our Creator’s characteristics of compassion, growing old gracefully, love, resiliency, self-actualization, Truth, understanding, and the like to help us transcend our experiences. 

Often, I have found that by changing my perspective, aka my life’s navigation, I am more at peace about my life choices. I keep the nourishment of my lessons and allow waste (ridicule, self-blame, and others) to exit me eventually. 

We don’t have to label our experiences as mistakes, but trust that everything will work together for good (Romans 8:28). 

So, how are you digesting life? Could a word change help bring more peace in your life, body, and spirit? Are you learning and growing, or is bitterness settling within you? What advantages and disadvantages are you reaping because of your mindset about life experiences?

Make this lifetime great! 


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