The Greatest Gift Of All

What is the greatest gift you can give yourself? Do you automatically think about a house, new clothes, shoes, vehicles, or other fancies? What can you give yourself that keeps on giving? Listen to today’s podcast to what I believe is the greatest gift you can give yourself, especially if you’ve been through a traumatic experience and struggle with your healing path.

Remember, anything you haven’t dealt with will continue to rise like oil in water. Some things won’t mix no matter how hard you try or think they should. 

Happy New Year!  In the first episode of the year, I share one of the many principles my mother taught me as a child and how it's essential to creating a generational love cycle.  Create A Generational Love Cycle is not about religion but spiritual evolution and revolution.  Everything you need to be who you are is already inside of you.  This podcast aims to help you remember who you are. Timika S Chambers
  1. Give From The Heart
  2. It's More Than Being Positive. It's A Way Of Life.
  3. Give Yourself The Greatest Gift Of All
  4. How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Event
  5. Will You Take On The Gratitude Challenge (Opportunity)?

Make this lifetime great! You still can!

Timika Chambers

How You Can Hold Onto Your Identity After A Traumatic Experience

Hi there!

Continual observation of our inner garden is necessary for removing weeds and anything else that doesn’t belong to us. Don’t let others’ actions and opinions rob you of your abundant harvest. A mental transformation occurs before a physical one. So keep planting seeds of curiosity, joy, peace, purpose, and Truth! These childlike curiosities didn’t cause the trauma; someone used them for evil and not good.

Make this lifetime great!

You have every right to do so!

Timika Chambers

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Gratitude Is Self-Preservation

Hi there!

One of the keys to health and wellness is taking care of what I have. When you are grateful for your heart, lungs, legs, arms, life, breath, and all that makes you, you want to take care of yourself. Our body is a miraculous entity that many are still trying to understand. We are not complicated; we are miraculous beings. We are a reflection and an extension of Nature. We are resilient, blossoming after every life storm more beautiful than before (spirit). We must believe we are not fragile but more powerful than we can ever imagine. Take some time to be in or ponder the curiosity of Nature, planets, solar systems, and how our bodies reflect creation. Align with the force within you that makes your heart pump nutrients through several highways and byways, lungs bring in oxygen, and muscles contract.

Many blessings to you and yours this day and days to come.

Timika Chambers

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