My Sunday Breakfast—Pizza!!

Good morning!

At first, I was thinking about having a breakfast burrito. Then, as I dressed the tortilla shell with veggies, I decided to have a breakfast pizza.

I used a soft tortilla shell and added scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sautéed bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Rustic Cheese, and spinach. I baked the pizza @ 350 for approximately 10 minutes.

Make this lifetime great! Get your plant-based foods and veggies in your health plan for digestive health and overall sustainable health!

Timika Chambers

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Have You Ever Wondered?

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever noticed when you are dealing with one system’s issues (kidneys, heart, digestive, skin, and others), you experience other symptoms “unrelated to the main issue?” For example, have you ever experienced heartburn during the day along with sleep issues at night? Also, think about a medication your healthcare provider prescribed you. It may have been for one particular problem, but you may have experienced other heart, kidney, and mentally related symptoms. 

Every organ in your body is connected via blood vessels, nerves, chemicals (serotonin (mood, digestion, sleep), norepinephrine (mood), adrenalin (flight or fight chemical), GABA (calm chemical), melatonin (sleep-wake cycle), and others. What affects one highway of blood vessels and nerves affects other destinations (cells, organs, and systems). It is no different with your digestive system.

Your digestive health is related to what you do and think. If you are mentally stressed, those same flight or fight chemicals and hormones affect your digestive organs. Over time, the more you overwork your body (too much food, physical activity, or negative thinking and not enough food and physical activity), the more your liver, pancreas, stomach, and others stress out. We are never hurting someone more than ourselves when we don’t take care of ourselves.

There are no quick fixes, including diets, to attain optimal sustainable digestive health. But you can have a healthy relationship with yourself. When you are one with your body (meditation, yoga, or just spending quiet time with yourself), you know what to eat and what to do. You don’t need anyone telling you how to consistently take care of your body or use calculators and programs to tell you how much food to eat. These guides may help for some time, but we don’t need to depend on external devices.

If you are struggling with your digestive health, ask yourself what is the root of your unhealthy behaviors and symptoms? When you uncover the root of your behavior, then you can change from the inside out.

Make your health goals last by looking on the inside for answers. 

To Your Best Health!


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How Are You Digesting Life?

Some say get over your childhood traumatic experiences (sexual abuse, parental neglect, violence, and others) ; whatever happened, happened and move forward. But the tools you were given in childhood is often how you process life until an awakening happens. At some point, you realize that things do not have to be as they are.

Often, our focus is on adults and their behaviors, but nothing occurs overnight. Over the years, good fruit (praise, affirmations, spiritual relationship with our Creator) compete with weeds (doubt, name-calling, abusive language, etc.) sewn. We reap both helpful fruit and unhealthy produce. But nothing happens overnight; change is possible.

How Can You Better Digest Your Past? Here are three ways to help you face your past.

  1. Meet yourself where you are. Your emotions and feelings are real. They are the inner workings of how you processed life. There is no need for feeling guilty about your anger and fear. Often, as you know, what you resist, will continue to show itself.
  2. Bring consciousness to what you are going through. Talk about it. Write about it. Share your emotions and feelings with someone who wants to listen and help. Seek emotional support from a qualified professional if you feel the need to and continue until you get what you need.
  3. Whatever pain you are experiencing does not have to be. You can chew your life experiences in small bites (steps) at a time so you can increase the absorption of your healthy nutrition (praise, being, spiritual awareness).

You are the Co-creator of your life. Create the life you want by being present with who you are. Accept all of your truths. And, every nourishment you take in affects every aspect of your life (emotional, financial, mental, physical, social, spiritual, etc.)

So, what’s really going on with your digestive issues (heartburn, indigestion, irritability, etc.)?

Make this moment and this lifetime great!


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