Are You Celebrating National Cinema Day This Weekend?

I love movies and great deals. ….$3 dollar movies and $5 popcorn deal. Check out the AMC website for deals on National Cinema day this Saturday!

As always, be safe!

Make this lifetime great because you can!!!

Timika Chambers

What I Learned In My Father’s Absence

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In today’s podcast, I share how my father’s absence was pivotal in showing me who I didn’t want to be and leading me to who I am. I don’t consider myself a fatherless daughter because I turned to my Father, my Creator and the Creator of humankind in my father’s absence. As I’ve stated, nothing an adult does is a child’s fault. Memories don’t have to bring anger, doubt, guilt, resentment, shame, or vengeance. You can create the family you want by remembering what you don’t want.

Make this lifetime great because you can!


May Gratitude Encase Your Heart This Holiday Season (2022) Create A Generational Love Cycle With Timika S Chambers

Transcendence is about realizing you are more than your experience. Your life has meaning and purpose, and nothing or no one on earth can change your divine makeup.  May this holiday season be a time of deep reflection and revelation.  Desire to be free mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and in every aspect of your health.  Timika
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  2. Let the Holidays Be Opportunities for You to Heal
  3. The Discussion About Color & Promoting Unity Within The Home First
  4. When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Communication Pulse?
  5. Master Your Emotions or Be Mastered By Them

Finding Your Way Back Home

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I hope all is well with you! 

 In today’s Heart-to-Heart Monday session, I discuss how your perceptions of potentially traumatic experiences can interfere with achieving your divine purpose in the best health possible and how you can begin to set yourself free.

 Out of the heart flows issues of life, and I want to help you remove blockages that interfere with achieving and sustaining optimal health as you fulfill your divine purpose. It is one thing to achieve success; it’s another to achieve success with optimal overall health. 

Make this lifetime great because you can!


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