Who Are You Permitting To Plant Seeds of Doubt?

Is anyone telling you something that is contrary to your core beliefs? If so, how are you discerning healthy seeds from harmful ones? Do you know who you are so that you do not fall for who you are not? During my reading time yesterday, Genesis 3:1 awakened me to an old technique that canContinue reading “Who Are You Permitting To Plant Seeds of Doubt?”


Has anyone said something so funny that you couldn’t laugh? If we let them, children can remind us of our innocence……how our Father looks at us. Make this lifetime great! Timika

What Is Your Foundation Made Out Of?

As I was writing today’s quote, I thought about the Three Little Pigs story. When life’s storms come huffing and puffing to blow your house down, will your house (you) come falling down? If your house falls apart, what have you learned in rebuilding your home? We are all responsible for our homes. What mayContinue reading “What Is Your Foundation Made Out Of?”