What Do You See When You Look At People?

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Everyone is on an earthly journey, traveling through dark valleys and wildernesses, and climbing mountains. Some battles are won, and some are lost. We never know what people are going through, and yet, often we judge people based on their color, culture, religion, clothes, hairstyle, job titles, and so much more. 

When you look at a person, do you see the battles they’ve lost?Do you see their unhealed wounds? Do you see the lost child within? Do you see someone who is trying to keep it together or assume the person is happier than you? 

Do you remember once upon a time your curiosity, desire to be loved, the admiration you had for those older than you? Do you remember playing with other children not thinking about their background, color, race, religion, or other distractors? Do you remember coloring with a variety of colors? Do you remember when all you wanted to do was play, and you weren’t so much concerned about eating? Do you remember the moments of complete awe as you gazed at the clear blue or dark-lit sky? 

Do you remember the compassion you felt towards another child, the joy, and the excitement to have other children play with you? Do you remember the first time you met anger, disappointment, fear, guilt, isolation, loneliness, sadness, and other emotions and feelings? Do you remember wanting to bring joy to those around you because you didn’t want anyone else to hurt? 

Your inner child is still there and still wants to enjoy life. You are that inner child. Inside the people you see are their inner children. But, unfortunately, we allow the world’s expectations, disappointments, fears, our expectations, and lingering unhealthy emotions to cover up the inner child who wants to enjoy life. 

If we see pain, we reinforce the idea this is a painful world. But, if we see the inner child who wants to find his way back to his Truth, we put ourselves in a better position to help. We bring out our compassion, hope, love, peace, and Truth. We accept those who are different and know their differences does not belittle or change us. No one is greater or lesser than the other person.

I believe we all want to be seen for who we are. We all want to enjoy life, but we let life master us instead of mastering life. We run with the crowd, losing ourselves. But, at any point, we can stop and say, I see the real you, and in you, I see the real me. 

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Is Eating Grapes A No-No For Individuals Diagnosed With Diabetes?

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Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes and struggling with whether or not to eat grapes or any fruit. Check out my most recent blog about grapes. Healthy living is all about letting go of the guilt.


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How Do We Make The Most of Our Eyes?

July is healthy vision month. Although I will spend time discussing our wonderful eyes this month and what you can do to keep them healthy, I will also discuss other aspects of the camera we use to see the world. Many things other than environmental particles can cloud our vision. Lingering emotions and feelings such as anger, anxiety, grudges, guilt, hatred, disappointments, resentment, and vengeance can muddy up our internal lenses. But, compassion, grace, inner peace, joy, love, mercy, and alignment with Truth can cleanse our lenses and help us focus on what really matters.

Your Eyes: The Internal Camera

Although the process we see is a bit more complicated, I will summarize how vision works. Light travels through several layers of our eyes (cornea, the watery substance of the eye called the aqueous solution, pupil, lens, and to the retina). In the retina, light is transformed into an electrical signal, and this signal is carried to the brain via the optic nerve for interpretation. Anything blocking the highways of blood vessels and nerves can definitely interfere with the transmission of information. In addition, eye muscles, the function of the brain and eyes, tears, and specialized cells play a role in the process of vision. Finally, diagnoses such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), and high blood pressure can make it hard for our camera to work well and for our brain to interpret the information. 

But, remember, many of our physical conditions stem from some stress from within the body, including psychological disruption. So, whenever possible, we want to address the root of a condition instead of skimming the surface because the eyes are more than just an organ of the body. They are more than just their color or shape; our eyes are the body’s lamp (Matthew 6:22) and the opening for Truth, which is Light. 

The eyes are a big deal because approximately 80% of what we process comes through our eyes. So what kind of questions can we ask to promote healthy vision from the inside out? The more open-ended our questions are, the more likely we are to avail ourselves of the Truth. So here are five questions to ask.

  1. What do I see, and how do I feel about what I see? Based on what you see, are you experiencing anger, envy, or love, and why?
  2. Do I see what I want to see or what I need to see? Do you want to see rumors and stereotypes that uphold what others told you about a particular color, culture, or race? Or, do you want to see the truth even if it goes against everything you have ever learned about a particular group of people?
  3. What am I refusing to see? If others, unlike you, have a special gift or talent, are you refusing to acknowledge their gift or talent because they are different? In other words, would that person be helpful to your organization if they were only more like you?
  4. Am I focusing my eyes more on differences instead of similarities? For example, do you focus on colors, religions, clothing, and hairstyles more than the person’s character?
  5. How can I see clearly? Here is the ultimate question we should all be asking. The Light of Truth needs a willing heart to come in and correct misconceptions.

What are some questions you’ve asked yourself to see more clearly?

Make this lifetime great! You deserve it. Please share this post if you believe it would help someone, and subscribe to my quarterly empowering newsletters.


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