We Are Not Damaged Goods

It’s easy to think once we’ve gone through a difficult experience or a series of difficult experiences, we are marred for life, but there is another path.

You may think or say:

I trusted him or her to take care of me, and he or she betrayed me. He or she laughed at me, called me names (dirty, dumb, fat, loser, stupid, etc.), abused me, left me to fend for myself, divorced me, broke up with me, took my children, interfered with me achieving my dreams, said I’d never amount to anything, never helped me to accomplish my goals, told my secrets to others, lied about me, and committed other actions from his or her unhealed pain.

Therefore, I must be dumb, a loser, stupid, incapable of having a good life, incompetent, ignorant, invaluable, naive, a slut, worthless.

Eventually, we imprison ourselves with the labels and others’ opinions. Therefore, we must try hard to prove to my worth. And the more we feel we have to prove our worth, the worse we feel.

Intercept the negative thoughts with:

I am still beautiful, intelligent, wise, able, and capable of changing my thoughts and direction, and therefore, my life. I am a student of life and not a victim. I do not see adversities, difficulties, or problems. I can be creative, love in the face of anger, forgive in the face of betrayal, and maintain hope in the face of despair. I will not continue the cycle of pain.

I will believe, love, and trust again because I want a joyful life. I want to be happy because happiness is my birthright. What you did will no longer hurt me but will strengthen me to handle whatever may come.

I may not believe, love, and trust again overnight, but I will get there. I will because I can.

To Your Best Health & Life!


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