The Over Twenty-Year Journey

Sometime after the sexual abuse secret was out, I learned about my mother’s unsuccessful attempt to become a nurse. With a passion, I claimed my mother’s dream.

In nursing school, I learned about the power of the mind (psychology), self-actualization, empathy, conditioning of oneself, resiliency, perseverance, and many other positive concepts.

In my over twenty years of service, I saw lots of energy, money, and time spent on addressing physical symptoms. I listened to the emotional and mental pain people were anxious to unleash. I observed people who didn’t feel valued. I saw the healing, miraculous, and sometimes temporary power of medicine. I realized that many of our physical complaints come from unhealed pain, and prevention involves getting to the heart of the matter.

I also traveled the world and met many people who helped me see that we have more things in common than we do differently.

Detours do not have to be bad. I am grateful for my nursing experience. I know that nursing played a significant role in building compassion, faith, hope, justice for all, love, right thinking, trust, and many other virtues.

What have you learned about yourself and the world along your detour?

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