What emotions are you working with? How can they help you see yourself clearly?

I was in my mid 20’s before I learned the terms sexual abuse, incest, and many more associated terms. For years, I focused on who I wanted to be and do instead of sexual abuse statistics. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to focus on what I wanted out of life instead of what I experienced. When I did focus on labels and what else made me different from others, I had a foundation to return back to and the seeds of life-giving fruit.

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Keep It!

Keep your anger, disappointments, and guilt. I have my own emotions to manage.

Make this lifetime great!


Love Is The Prerequisite for Peace

Remember who the battle belongs to. All we have to do is trust and play our part in God’s victory. “God is good. He is faithful, just, and always there.” Thelma Jones (mom) Love is always the answer and the prerequisite for peace within our walls. Psalm 122:7 May there be peace within your walls, and prosperity inside your fortresses. #God #victory #trust #faith #purpose #forourgood #hope #prayer #justice

We are all His children. The sooner we accept this fact, the better this world will be. His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). May you have everything you need to take care of yourself and those you loved.

God bless you and yours!


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