One Voice Saves Lives

Silence is no longer an option. One person experiencing hate is too many.

Here is an excerpt from Bent Not Broken, my memoir about my childhood experience with unhealed pain.

“I learned that I am not alone in my experience with unhealed pain. For years all of humanity has suffered because this dark cycle continues to infect generations, dismantles the family concept, and callous human hearts.

The demoralizing and inappropriate use of power has been around for centuries. When anger and greed are in power, they know no boundaries. Age, color, gender, race, sex are all equal in its unsatisfying eyes. The illusion of power blinds the person, disregarding the meaning of life and the purpose for the human body. Fear assumes there is not enough. Anger assumes I must conquer, steal, and destroy. Both conclude I am not enough; therefore, you are not enough. Hateful acts against one person hurt all of humanity by infecting homes, communities, and the world.”

For years, many brave people have said no more. I will speak for all of humanity. Our voice will be heard. I will help bring justice to injustice. My life purpose is to be the light in the world.

All it takes is one voice to say enough is enough. Generations of conviction, courage, strength, and light surround us. We must trust the still small voice urging us to speak the Truth.

May every day be the day that you set your navigation to Truth by realizing:

1. what’s happening in the world did not start overnight.

2. we do not need to continue the past. Many people grew up hearing and believing stories about different groups of people without knowing these groups of people. No belief is set in stone.

3. we act on our beliefs. What is it that you believe about humanity? What is the human body’s purpose? Why is there so much color in a colorful world?

4. the truth is always available. If we truly desire and seek the Truth, we will find it.

5. we do not need to suffer from our wounds. Everything done outside of us is only temporary relief. Our pain points us to our purpose, which is the light within us.

Timika S Chambers

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