True Happiness

Happiness price is authenticity.

I have been on the weight-loss rollercoaster several times throughout my life. At one point, I assumed that as long as I worked out, I could eat whatever I wanted. I loved and still do love fried chicken, French Fries, and butter pecan ice cream.

No matter my weight, I stayed away from dieting. I exercised and intentionally reduced the number of calories consumed. I knew that diets were temporary. As a nurse and a health coach, I never told anyone not to go on a diet. Instead, I encouraged people to trust their relationship with their bodies.

Approximately four years ago, I decided to try a particular diet. The diet seemed reasonable because it resembled what I considered to be a healthy meal plan. Plus, I wanted to know what it was like to follow someone’s tried and true eating routine. The diet included periods of intermittent fasting, eating at specific times throughout the day, and consuming large salads for lunch. By day two, I felt so out of whack. Being on a diet was not natural. I was listening to someone else instead of increasing the bond between my body and me.

We have an amazing body that sends signals, in the form of intuition or “hunches.” We often know what we need to eat more of and what needs to be lessened or avoided. But, more often, than not, food is consumed to distract us from dealing with life circumstances, similar to excessive use of alcohol, drugs, sex, and the like. We search for external pleasures or limitations instead of beefing up our internal feel-good chemicals, serotonin, and dopamine. We ignore our body, develop a love-hate with it, or don’t trust the signals our body gives us.

One thing that continues to play over in my head from The Richest Man in Babylon is that we can either do something ourselves or pay for others to help us. Sometimes help is needed to get us where we want to be, but we must never forget sustainable health comes from the inside out. We are with ourselves 24/7. No health coach, doctor, nurse, or other healthcare personnel can say that about your body.

The better I feel about my Self and my life, the more I will take care of myself. I include more fruits and vegetables in my meal plan. I limit red meat and fried foods. I include seeds, nuts, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil whenever I can. I am getting better about taking naps and delegating home tasks. Most days I reach my water intake goal. I spend more time in nature, and feel my emotions more than sharing them. Every good thing requires consistent daily effort. There is no guilt in my health plan, but a continued growing and striving to live my best life.

Healthy living is more than picking the right foods. We must pick the right lifestyle.

Have you found the health plan which works for you?

Make this lifetime great!


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