Diabetes Health: Your Respiratory System

Hi there! The essence of nature resides within us. The lungs within our respiratory system work like trees by bringing in vital gas (oxygen) to help our bodies grow and thrive. Unfortunately, people with Diabetes (PDD) are at an increased risk of experiencing disruption of their respiratory system, which can cause a host of other […]

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Diabetes Health: Your Gastrointestinal System

Hi there, According to research, People with Diabetes (PWD) are at an increased risk of developing digestive issues. But there are things you can do to maintain optimal digestive health. Your Gastrointestinal (GI) system plays a major role in extracting the nutrients that help sustain optimal body health. So let’s take a look at this […]

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The Seeds We Plant Series # 11: Thankfulness

Hi there, I hope all is well with you and yours! This past week was a good reminder that virtues should be part of our daily lives. We must consistently reinforce the harvest we want. And life always gives us opportunities to put what we teach into practice.  In this episode, Cameron Chambers, my son, […]

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