Healing On Your Terms


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Christmas is in a couple of days in the United States. What gift will you give yourself? Will your gift to yourself give you the true freedom, gratitude, and self-love you deserve? We are more than working bodies. We have divine messages to share utilizing our gifts. Often, we are quick to say, “leave my childhood experiences in the past.” And, ‘what’s done is done.” Yet, we continue to struggle in many, if not all, aspects of our lives.

Unless you accept and acknowledge your Truth, your past will keep rising to the top, desiring you to truly let it go — — to transmute your pain into the light.

Listen to the conversation between Kathy Anderson and me. How are you and will you use your gifts to help others remember who they are?

‎Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse ~ With Kathy Andersen: Healing On Our Terms on Apple Podcasts
Today, we’re joined by Timika Chambers. Timika is a thriving survivor – a lioness, as she describes herself. Timika was…podcasts.apple.com

Make this lifetime great! You still can!!

Timika Chambers

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