What I Learned In My Father’s Absence

Hi there, In today’s podcast, I share how my father’s absence was pivotal in showing me who I didn’t want to be and leading me to who I am. I don’t consider myself a fatherless daughter because I turned to my Father, my Creator and the Creator of humankind in my father’s absence. As I’ve […]

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Life Principle I Learned from My Mother #20: Remove Words from Your Vocabulary That Aren’t Helping

The words we speak have a direct and indirect impact on the world. You are in control of the vocabulary database that you use. We create a generational love cycle by purifying our hearts and minds because what we say to others, we tell ourselves. You can break the cycle of pain by creating a […]

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Life Principles I Learned from my Mother: Clean up as You Go.

Hi there, In this video, I share another one of my mother’s life principles and how I applied it to my mental and spiritual health and motherhood. In addition, I am so grateful to be a mother. Motherhood provides challenging opportunities for us to be the best versions of ourselves. For all the mothers out […]

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