What Are You Programming In Your Body?

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As you know, 2022 is right around the corner. How are you preparing for the new year? Will your resolutions be action or spiritually-based? Do you continue to see patterns in your life despite the resolutions you set? Unfortunately, we will continue to wear the layers of anger, guilt, shame, resentment, vengeance, and other life-draining emotions unless we address our childhood trauma (domestic violence, abuse, neglect, bullying, and others). 

Remember, there are many guides, but you do most of the work. And you have what you need to heal from the inside out. Whatever does not belong to you will continue to rise so that it can leave you

Listen to the conversation I had with Nicole Bromley on her OneVOICE Podcast.

A Stolen Boyhood OneVOICE Podcast

Special Guest: Stephen Mills, author of CHOSEN: a memoir of stolen boyhood.   "I was sexually assaulted by a highly respected member of the community. My boyhood experience is all too common. The only unusual part is that I decided to write a book about it." —Stephen Mills   At thirteen years old, Stephen Mills is chosen for special attention by the director of his Jewish summer camp, a charismatic social worker intent on becoming his friend. Stephen, whose father died when he was four, places his trust in this authority figure, who first grooms and then molests him for two years. Stephen tells no one, but the aftershocks rip through his adult life, as intense as his denial: self-loathing, drug abuse, petty crime, and horrific nightmares, all made worse by the discovery that his abuser is moving from camp to camp, state to state, molesting other boys. Only physical and mental collapse bring Stephen to confront the truth of his boyhood and begin the painful process of recovery—as well as a decades-long crusade to stop a serial predator, find justice, and hold to account those who failed the children in their care. The trauma of sexual abuse is shared by one out of every six men, yet very few have broken their silence. Unflinching and compulsively readable, CHOSEN eloquently speaks for those countless others and their families. It is a rare act of consummate courage and generosity—the indelible story of a man who faces his torment and his tormentor and, in the process, is made whole.   More info and resources at stephenmillsauthor.com
  1. A Stolen Boyhood
  2. Victory Over Pelvic Pain
  3. The Mystic Healing Journey
  4. SAAM Survivor Series, Part 3: Redeeming
  5. SAAM Survivor Series, Part 2: Rebuilding

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