Remember Who You Are #5: The Student Perspective & Healing

Hi there! In today’s episode of Remember Who You Are Series, The Student Perspective & Healing, on Create a Generational Love Cycle, I share what having a student perspective means and how it can help you navigate your earthly journey. Remember Who You Are Series #5: The Student Perspective & Healing by Create A Generational […]

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Remember Who You Are Series #2: The Power of Your Thoughts

Hi there! We can’t undo the past but can choose our perception of life events. You were put here on earth for reasons, and being the object of someone’s else pain is not one of them. You are more than an experience; you have everything you need to transcend events in your lives. You have […]

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Healing from the Inside Out Principle #9: Create a Generational Love Cycle

In this video, I share the 9th principle I feel is crucial in healing from the inside out. When we rush healing or don’t heal completely, we risk infecting our wounds and prolonging the healing process. We pass on our light by learning and sharing with others. Also, check out my podcast, Create A Generational […]

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