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Happy Mother’s Day to You!!!

Good morning to you!! May you know that you are appreciated every day and not just one day a year. I am so thankful for my mother Thelma Jones. I didn’t really know what motherhood entailed until I became one. However, as a girl, I knew of many of my mother’s sacrifices. I admired her […]

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Remember Who You Are Series #6: The Power of Gratitude

Hi there, I know often, when we think of pain (mental, physical, etc.), gratitude is the last thing we think about. But thankfulness is the virtue that can help ward off the weeds of despair, fear, hate, resentfulness, shame, and the like. Gratitude can pick us up when we have fallen. Thankfulness can bring light […]

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Remember Who You Are #5: The Student Perspective & Healing

Hi there! In today’s episode of Remember Who You Are Series, The Student Perspective & Healing, on Create a Generational Love Cycle, I share what having a student perspective means and how it can help you navigate your earthly journey. Remember Who You Are Series #5: The Student Perspective & Healing by Create A Generational […]

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