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Remember Who You Are Series #6: The Power of Gratitude

Hi there, I know often, when we think of pain (mental, physical, etc.), gratitude is the last thing we think about. But thankfulness is the virtue that can help ward off the weeds of despair, fear, hate, resentfulness, shame, and the like. Gratitude can pick us up when we have fallen. Thankfulness can bring light […]

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Remember Who You Are Series#4: Embrace The Storms

Hi there, Storms are inevitable. As my son said, “Don’t spend your time running away from something because it will always come back.” We choose our responses to our life experiences and emotions, and feelings. The more we run, sometimes the louder and more damaging the storms can become. But the more we face this […]

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The Seeds We Plant Series #8: Self-discipline

Hi there, I hope all is well with you and yours! No matter how challenging parenting may seem, I’m blown away by the opportunities we have to impact the world in our home first positively. My mother often told me to take care of my home first. Self-discipline was our devotion topic for last week, […]

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