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Greens: A Natural Alternative

Hi there! I hope all is well with you and yours! Are you allowing nature to help you achieve and sustain optimal health? Check out my new post regarding greens. How are you getting more greens in your meal plan to increase energy and satiety and decrease calories? Remember, there is no quick way to […]

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Diabetes: Time To Get Off The Rollercoaster

Hi there! Life can seem like a rollercoaster, especially if you manage a diabetes diagnosis. But, you can do things to master your health instead of letting your health master you Read my most recent article, Diabetes: Take Your Life Back in 2022 (diathrive.com). Make this lifetime great! You still can! Timika Let me know […]

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You Are More Than Your Diabetes Diagnosis

Although we are halfway into another month, the message still applies. You are more than your diagnosis. Do more than goal setting and resolutions. Take your life back in 2022! Knowing and Loving thyself leads to self-care. Make this lifetime (journey) great! You still can!! Timika Chambers

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