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Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #6: Just Because Someone Else Experienced It Doesn’t Mean You Have To

Naturally, we want to belong and fit in.  But, God made us to reflect His nature individually and together.  Our birth justified our existence to be here and add flavor to the world. You don’t have to do anything that doesn’t resonate with the truth within you. ¬†And, you don’t have to suffer because someone […]

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Life Principles I Learned From My Mother #3 You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Anybody

Hi there! The cycle of pain is real. But, a shift happens when we realize that we don’t have to seek vengeance.  

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Owning Your Truth Podcast With Rachel Grant

Within the storm is a clear reflection of you. I had the pleasure to be on Rachel Grant’s Podcast, Beyond Surviving. In this podcast, I share how I learned to own my truth of childhood sexual abuse and how I put my lessons in writing. Sometimes we must go back to reflect before we can […]

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