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In 2018…..,

I published my new episode Dec 29, 2017 15:40 What are you waiting on? In this podcast, I discuss four reasons to be your best in 2018., please check it out. To Your Best Life, Timika S Chambers

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What if we treated every event in our lives as a step closer to living our best life-to being our true self? The pain, the loss, anger, and disappointment are to bring you/me closer to being a compassionate and loving being. We could then truly see how resilient we are. We could experience unconditional forgiveness. […]

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Negative or Positive energy?

Our actions, including the tools we use, are an extension of ourselves. We have control over the energy that resides within us. We can choose to shield off negative energy or draw the negative energy within and hold onto it. Just because someone else is negative does not mean we need to be. Let the […]

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