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Father’s Day: Why I Chose to Forgive My Father

Hi there! I hope you and yours are well! In today’s podcast, I share how my father’s absence helped me break the generational cycle of pain. Make this lifetime great because you can! Every action, emotion, and feeling requires your choice to continue or stop. Timika Make this lifetime great because you can! Timika

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Wherever You Are…Keep Moving.

It’s common to want to turn around when you go down an unfamiliar path. But you are uncommon and extraordinary. How else will you know and experience what is on the other side? Make this lifetime great! You still can! Timika

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When Do We Have The Real Discussion About Health With Our Children?

When I was still single, I saw a bandaid or Neosporin commercial of a mother taking care of her daughter’s bruise on her elbow. I knew then that I wanted to be knowledgeable and well-equipped to take care of my children’s little booboos. Now, as a mother with 20 years of healthcare under my belt […]

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