What Is Your Foundation Made Out Of?

Bricks, sticks, wood, other people’s opinions, “the way it’s always been done,” fears, hatred, envy, love empathy, equality, compassion, or others?

As I was writing today’s quote, I thought about the Three Little Pigs story. When life’s storms come huffing and puffing to blow your house down, will your house (you) come falling down? If your house falls apart, what have you learned in rebuilding your home?

We are all responsible for our homes. What may have worked in the past, may not work now. And it is okay to ask, “Did that thing really work in the past?

After experiencing sexual abuse, I needed to rebuild my house with something steadier. When the wolf returned, I was more prepared because I reached out to nature (God) and asked for help. I listened, observed, and built a relationship with myself. I started trusting myself and attracted the right equipment.

Sexual abuse did not break me. I became more aware of the importance of building a foundation because of my sexual abuse storm.

I didn’t know that I needed to heal, but I sought something more. I have based many of my choices in life off the thought “If one person can do it, so can I.”

You have the ability to heal; nothing overcomes you unless you let it.

The blueprint to our foundations starts in our mind and consists of our internalizations.

What have you internalized from your abuse? How is it helping you to achieve the dream you have inside of you?

To Your Best Life,


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Heal From The Inside Out

Good morning Spiritual Beings!
Forgiveness is healing medicine. Much of our emotional, mental, and physical discomfort stems from condemnation of ourselves and others.
Make this lifetime great! Keep living your divine-gifted life. Start where you are, and remember that anything is possible if you believe (Mark 9:23).
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Show me

Good morning spiritual beings!
As you know, dominion and suppression of others are not examples of real power. Show me compassion, empathy, forgiveness, faith in the unknown, and love for life.
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Make this lifetime great!