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Nursing Did More for Me Than I Did for It.

Hi there! I hope your day is off to a great start! In this video, I share why I am grateful for the nursing profession. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika

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How To Keep Antagonists In A Healthy Perspective?

Why did she treat me that way? Why is he not supporting me? I feel like you don’t want me to succeed in life?  Often, my mother told us that “everyone has a role to play.” Yet, sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight that both protagonists (supportive people)and antagonists (nonsupportive people) help us live our […]

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You Have It And You Always Will Nomatter What

Make this life great now, regardless of your past and current circumstances. We are creative beings with infinite power. Belief in ourselves often stands in the way of fulfilling all that we can. However, it is not to late to be true to ourselves. With Love, Timika

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