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Just two days left to receive a discount

Good morning! Just two days left in the New Year to receive a discount on my 6- week program Fuel Your Passion. This program will take place in Groveport, Ohio. Please sign up and register today. In this course, we will dispel myths about food, create an individualized grocery list, learn about the healing properties […]

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We are more than a health problem or chronic disease.

We are not just a health condition or chronic disease. Our internal and external environment affects us. To Your Best Health, Timika

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What if we treated every event in our lives as a step closer to living our best life-to being our true self? The pain, the loss, anger, and disappointment are to bring you/me closer to being a compassionate and loving being. We could then truly see how resilient we are. We could experience unconditional forgiveness. […]

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