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This Analogy May Change Your Mind About Physical Activity

Hi there! In this video, I share one of why it’s essential to move your body. One of my brothers brought up this concept, which is the visual I’m sharing with you today. Do you want more tips on achieving and sustaining health?  Then, 1. Join my Facebook page, Fulfill Your Divine Purpose 2. . Sign […]

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Parenting with Principles, Purpose, & Vision Series: Celebrating My Mother and Her Word’s of Wisdom

Hi spiritual beings, In this video, I share how my mother’s words of wisdom helped me before I became a parent and how I’m using truths to guide two spirits on their earthly journey. I share the first principle that lays the foundation for parenting. Motherhood isn’t easy, but some truths can help us along […]

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Healing From The Inside Out Principle #6: Seek Everlasting Freedom

Hi there! I hope all is well with you and yours! This video shares why we must go beyond forgiveness to have the joy and peace we deserve. Make this lifetime great! You still can! Timika

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