Seeds Are Sewn Early

Many of us know what it is like to have our voices silenced. Just because we are girls, women, black, poor, nonreligious, or from the “wrong neighborhood,” does not negate the fact that we think, feel, and speak.

I am grateful for the opportunity to observe our children’s behaviors. I confirm, interrupt, and re-seed thoughts of equality, humanity, respect, and understanding.

Home is where seeds are sewn. What seeds are you sewing? How will the harvested fruit (love, hate, etc.) benefit the world?

Make this lifetime great!


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My Mother Told Us To “Take Care Of Home First”

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One Benefit of Homeschool

I love the fact that I can use nontraditional books. I agree with Martin Luther King in that character development is an essential element in education. What good is an abundantly prosperous life if the well-being of others is overlooked?

I know that anything I do outside our family starts inside my home. The homeschooling experience is providing me another testing ground for compassion, healing, flexibility, patience, trust, and understanding. We are diving into the meaning of life, purpose, and what really matters. I am learning so much about myself and my children.

I am still in the first phases of maximizing our homeschooling experiences. Some days are better than others. However, I feel and see the benefit of being a student and a teacher to two wonderful beings.

Make this lifetime great!

Timika Chambers