Four Reasons Why I Got The COVID-19 Vaccine

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As a nurse with over 20 years in the healthcare industry, you would probably think that I would be among the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Although I haven’t worked in a hospital since 2003, I continued working in the community, helping people stay out of the hospital.  I have given tons of vaccines, but my main focus became helping people achieve optimal health without medications. Over the past year, COVID-19 has taken a regular place in the news globally. As you know, the virus knows no age, color, race, role, religion, or any other distinguishing factors. Even during the vaccination period for COVID-19, we continue to hear of COVID-19-related deaths. And on top of that, we hear that many people globally are experiencing side effects. And for some, serious vaccine reactions.    It’s so easy to translate what we hear into a fear. I know because I had some fear growing inside me until I remembered what my mother taught me and my professional and personal experiences with medications, including vaccines. My mother would tell us that you don’t have to experience the same things as others and to use the news as information.  Often, I would tell my clients that I am telling you this to inform you and not scare you. Therefore, why did I choose to take a COVID-19 vaccine? 1.  My reaction is not your reaction.  My mother told us to not put ourselves in the same categories of others, which helped to alleviate a lot of fears and “what if” growing up. Although our bodies are similar in structure, not everybody reacts the same.  I cannot say that I, too, will experience the same side effects or worse.  We all lead different lifestyles (have unique triggers for our immune systems, are allergic to different things, eat different foods, are exposed to different toxins, etc.) Nevertheless, I was still on the “wait and see list” after several people in my family received the vaccine.  Every day, I reviewed the MSN news highlights and occasionally the evening or nightly news. I continued to stay abreast of the number of COVID-19 related deaths, COVID-19 vaccinations,  COVID-19 vaccine side effects, and fatal reactions.   As a former teacher of Pharmacology, I am well aware that medicines come with side effects, and unfortunately, some people may experience serious reactions, including death. I took the least amount of medication possible for the few times I was unwell throughout the years.  I never liked being sick.  For me, headaches and stomach aches were the worst to have, and thankfully, I only experienced a few in the past 40 plus years. A few days ago, my mother confirmed my hesitancy to take medicine by saying, “you don’t even like to take aspirin.” My reluctance to take medications and passion to identify emotions and past programming have continued to grow over the years. I believe that many, if not all, physical manifestations have emotional causes.  2. I like to be in the best health possible to help others, especially my children. When I experienced an on and off again fever and cough in late 2019, I was hesitant about going to the doctor. I feared that he or she would tell me that I couldn’t fly to Disney World to celebrate our daughter’s 5th birthday in December. Now, given what I experienced and what I know, I would not have waited so long to get treatment.  I felt helpless caring for my children.  I wanted to continue making healthy meals, making sure they were saying their affirmations, and playing with them.  Most of the time, I was in bed, and my energy level was inconsistent. 3. God allows things to happen. One day in the car, my 5-year old daughter, out-of-the-blue, said, “mom, God makes medications.” I took her words to heart because early on, I learned that God speaks through anyone and everyone, including children.  I experienced a body rash with the first medication the doctor prescribed me and had no problems with the second medication. Even though I experienced side effects with the first medication, I started feeling like my old self again.  I looked forward to my recovery. 4.  A positive COVID test hit close to home. I told God that I had made up my mind to take the vaccine after a family member under 10 received a positive COVID-19 test. One of the family member’s parents contributes his minimal side effects to taking the vaccine one month before. I don’t know how my body will react to the virus if I was to get it. I know that God gave us an amazing body, and I include Vitamin C-rich foods in my meal plan and antiviral foods such as Kale and green tea. Still, I was grateful that this family member received the vaccine.  Continually, I prayed that if there is anything we needed to know about the vaccines to please let the information come to light.  I have used this same prayer in relationships, jobs, and even the 2008 and 2020 presidential elections.  I know this prayer has kept me out of a lot of trouble and may have contributed to getting a president who is dedicated in making life better for all of us. I wanted the Pfizer vaccine as most people I knew took this one and had minimal side effects; but,  the only vaccine available to me within a 50-mile radius was the Moderna one.  I kept thinking I didn’t want to drive far to take the second vaccine and remembered that I was not scared of vaccines and had very little problems with them in the past, even though a new technique was used for the COVID-19 vaccines. My search for where to get the vaccines was relatively easy.  I used this site to find vaccination sites closer to me I like the site because you can search for all three vaccines, and I found a place within 4 miles of where I live.  Like many of my life choices, a series of events took place.  I do not recall all of the successive events, but within the past year, I read how Thomas Jefferson chose to get the smallpox vaccine, despite his belief in the medical profession. He lived past 80 years. On the day of my vaccine, I prayed that if it is not meant for me to get the vaccine, don’t let it happen.  Everything went smooth the day of my vaccine. I walked into the clinic and believed that receiving something to boost my immune system may help more than harm me.  The fear I had withered away.   On Thursday, April 27th, I received the Moderna vaccine. I barely felt the shot and gave the nurse credit for doing such a good job. I  was glad that I took my children because I helped relieve some of their fears about vaccines, especially the COVID-19 vaccine. Of course, they were watching. I think Cayla didn’t blink. The only side effect I had was some muscle tightness, but I only noticed it when I raised my arms to reach for something or doing Yoga stretches. All that being said.  We all must choose how we will achieve the best health possible for this lifetime.  It’s unfortunate that we are dealing with a dangerous virus. For me, I decided to take the COVID-19 vaccine.  I used previous teachings, faith, and my personal and professional experiences to guide my choice. May is National Women’s Health Month, and I know that I need to be in the best health possible to care for others. Please feel free to share your concerns, fears, and how your vaccination went or even if you have chosen not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Make this lifetime great with the best health possible. To Your Best Health! Timika

Mothers always have a choice

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It is a great day to be alive. I am so thankful to be the mother of our beautiful two children. My journey started later than others and at the perfect time. I had my first child at the age of 36.
I remember being unsure about bringing children into the world because I was afraid of what could happen to them. I saw danger instead of possibilities.  I was not even sure I could have children, yet I always wanted a boy and a girl.
I do not like living in fear, and years ago, I realized that I could not change something without belief and faith in myself.  I am no longer afraid because I stand in the power of shaping our children into courageous, loving, and powerful, and strong beings who can make positive impacts throughout their journey. I can help shape how they take care of their body, feel about themselves, and how they face their life experiences.
I am so thankful for my mother, Thelma Jones. She decided to leave a relationship that was not working. Raising children in an abusive home was not the answer. With three kids under the age of 5, a suitcase, and 4,000 in her pocket, we traveled from Memphis Tennessee to Illinois by a Greyhound bus in search for a better life.


There are no regrets when you believe that life is for you. Our life experiences are to make us better and to help direct our paths.
I am forever grateful for the principles that our mother taught us. I continue to keep our mother’s principles close to my heart. When I was unsure of my abilities to be the mother I wanted to be, I thought of my mother.  She did it. Why can’t I?  Our mother’s principles brought me peace of mind. Being a mother of purpose is not always easy. It helps to have guiding principles to stay focused.
Here are 10 of our mother’s many principles:
1. Give from the heart and expect nothing in return.
2. Keep on trucking no matter what lies ahead
3. Be grateful for what you have
4. Be bold -Ask for what you want.
5. Live another day-You never know what the next day will bring
6. Take care of yourself-There is only one you
7. No excuses-Work from the truth
8. If you are sorry, then stop the behavior
9. Listen more and talk less
10. Break the Cycle-Change what is not working
What principles did your mother teach you?
To Your Best Health & Life!
Timika Chambers
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


To Your Best Health & Life!



Your body, mind, & spirit are involved


This is the day to plan & prepare for the week. Schedule an hour today to write down your goals and pack some snacks, schedule your recharging sessions, a & how you will maximize your body’s natural ability to maintain balance. Your body, mind, & spirit need you to be there for them as much as you need your body, mind, & spirit to be there for you.

What will you do this week for your body, mind, & spirit?

To Your Best Health & Life,

Your Health Coach