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Who are you?

These words came to me in my dream last night or early this morning. Check out the rest of this  on

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What you do to others , you do to yourself.

Do not discount the harm you are doing to yourself when you carry anger, hatred, rage, and others. How can self-love exist in a crowded body full of darkness? Think again about about all of these rare conditions and chronic conditions. 

Is there anyone that you need to forgive? Are you willing to do it right now?

Make today great! This is the moment you have right now. Nothing else is guaranteed.

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There is room for your truth.

Do not succumb to lies and foolishness. 

Do not be a victim of self doubt and egoness.

Who said that poblems in life would be solved in a day?

Try to do your best and not be swayed.

By the illusion that sits before you.

No one may know what you have been through.

In admiration, truth has to open the door for you.

Knock down the walls and make your presence known.

You are not a victim any more. 

Let your fears and tears remind you of the darkness.

The tunnel of light is amongst us. 


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Just say no…then say yes..

Say no to someone else’s dream.

Say no to the naysayers.

Say no to the critics.

Say no to your past regrets. Say no to your current circumstances. Say no to your doubts and excuses.

Say no to anything or anyone who opposes your dreams. You got this! 

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Make today great!