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There Is Another Way

Hi there! I hope you take the opportunity to read a captivating book, soak your feet, or drink some soothing tea. Whatever you do, you deserve to love yourself today and everyday, for that matter. But today, take sometime to spread some thick love on yourself. There are safer ways to let go of pain […]

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Being a mother-From “Mother’s words of wisdom. From my heart to yours. Building within”

Being a mother Being a mother is important to me, It is now part of my destiny. Addressing my child’s and my own fears, Wiping away the many tears, Being a mother is important to me. I learn so much from you and me. How can I be the best mother you see? Giving you […]

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Self Esteem

Self Esteem I am self esteem Can you see me, hear me, Or taste me? I am self esteem Where do you find me? I am self esteem I am with you 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week Taking in all the internal and external information That could help or hurt me. I […]

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