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Truth Week 2: Acknowledge Your Emotions

Sometimes, what we need to do the most is often what we don’t want to do. Time in the “darkness” is an opportunity to acknowledge and accept our emotions and feelings instead of pushing them into an already overstuffed container.  Before COVID-19, I, like many people, was all over the place. Here a school. There […]

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I Love Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s what I posted today in Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. Usually, the children and I fix something(homemade pizza, cookies, doughnuts, etc.)together on Saturdays. I told Cam & Cayla I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies this weekend. Later on, he asked me if I was making the cookies today. He also asked if he could […]

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Wherever You Are Let Nature Remind You Of This

We are a mixture of both wanted and unwanted experiences.

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