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Remember Who You Are Series #2: The Power of Your Thoughts

Hi there! We can’t undo the past but can choose our perception of life events. You were put here on earth for reasons, and being the object of someone’s else pain is not one of them. You are more than an experience; you have everything you need to transcend events in your lives. You have […]

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The Seeds We Plant Series #6: Respect

Hi there! I hope all is well with you and yours! What actions and words come to mind when you think about the word respect? Like other virtues, respect is something we innately have. Respect starts with our thoughts about who we are. After realizing who we are, we respect ourselves and others; we know […]

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Healing from the Inside Out Principle #4: Cultivate Your Inner Garden

Hi there, How often do you go inside to assess your inner garden? How often do you compare your perceptions and the opinions of others with the truth? How often do you nourish your heart and mind with the truth and remove weeds? We are not responsible for others’ actions, but we are accountable for […]

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