You’ve gotta be original, because if you’re like someone else, what do they need you for?
Bernadette Peters

Growing up, my mother would always say “Know your place and get in it”. I took my mother’s words to mean that you have to know yourself and find out what brings you peace and joy. And even more as an adult, know your history and all of the cells and energy that has formed to make you. Know what you like and do not like and be true to yourself. If something does not feel right, then do not do it. If you are truly dissatisfied with something, then change it. You will have less to regret when you are older. Be you and do you the best way you know how.

Love yourself enough, so that the only person you want to be is you. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, with your own nose, your own body shape, then who are you? Who are you trying to be? Whoever you are trying to be, please be reminded, that, that individual already exists. If you are trying to be someone else, then you are not the original. You are a copy. And when it comes to competition, let the only person you are really competing with is yourself.

It should not matter so much what others think of you. What do you think of yourself? And when you ask this question, be true to yourself. Do you treat others with respect and believe that everyone has a place here on earth? Do you believe that life is a basic right to all and not just a privilege? Do you believe that everyone has something to give, some unique gift or talent? Much of what we think or do says a lot about who we truly are, no matter how much you try to deny it.

Who are you trying to be?


Flattery: Is it really necessary to get what you want?


Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Anonymous

Have you ever just wanted to say how you truly felt and nothing more, but you chose to flatter instead?

Is it necessary to flatter someone so that you get the outcome you want?
Whether you are trying to sell someone a car, purse, style, or an idea, why is it not enough to just say the truth? How would you respond to following scenarios.

1. If you know that a woman close to you (sister, girlfriend, wife, close family member) is a little short, and when she asks you for your opinion, should you tell her all the nice qualities about the dress (color, split on the side, etc) and not tell her that the dress is one length away from being a bathing suit and not business casual?

2. If you were a car salesperson, and you have a 6 foot 9 athlete wanting to purchase a car that is evidently too small for him. You see that he is uncomfortable in the car. Do you just smile along and tell the athlete all of the good qualities about the car and leave out how obviously the car is too small for him just to make the sell?

3. If you know your husband is having trouble buttoning up his favorite jacket, do you remind him of how good he looks in the color to avoid going to the mall and helping him to pick out another jacket?

4. If your child attended the best school in the state you lived, and the teachers were giving him or her a hard time with his (style of dress, his /her unique hairstyle, etc), would you just flatter the teacher hoping that she will leave your child alone and pass him or her.

5. If you were with a novice comedian who you thought was just a bit funny, would you tell him or her that he or she was the funniest person you had ever met,just to get tickets at the next Comedy show?


Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

Careful: our children are watching

Can parents be truly ready to raise children without imperfections, or do we continue to grow as we love, guide, and respect our children? I believe in the latter.

Many beliefs, thoughts, and actions we have as adults stem from our childhood. As a parent, I try to be mindful of what I do and say in front of my children. As any other parent, some days are more challenging than others. I try to see the more challenging days as an opportunity for growth for all involved. The opportunities for growth are then teachable moments. I believe that every child has the right to be happy, healthy, and have fun!

Given all of the recommendations by pediatric doctors, American Heart Association, and the American Pediatric Association, and others, I still struggle with certain aspects of parenting at times.

1. How much TV should our children watch? What shows or movies are best to watch given all of the different children shows.

2. When to stop children from taking naps especially when we are out of our routine i.e vacation, on a field trip, etc. We have a 2 and 5 year old, and if it was left to them, they would not nap and just fall out when they were beyond exhaustion….Yes..trust me. I know. They seriously need naps. Their attitudes are so much better when they have had a couple of hours of nap.

3. Being creative with healthy foods and helping our children to make healthy choices. I am very interested in using different herbs and seasonings. I am interested in making homemade hummus and have the recipe from one of my favorite chefs. I recently picked up a hummus mixture from our local Kroger to have something I can compare to when I make my own.

4. Promoting independence in our children and not just bitter about their responsibilities. There is always a way to get things done, and how my husband and I achieve the goal with our children being proud of themselves instead of tainted with bitter feelings and feeling as though they were just made to do something.

So, here are some steps/concepts I try to incorporate:

1. Continue to be abreast of guidelines recommended by trusted organizations. For some organizations, I have signed up for their newsletters and alerts.

2. Trust my gut/intuition. Be creative, open to suggestions, and be willing to step out of my comfort zone. Each child is unique. therefore, may respond differently. We have this internal barometer/guide/Holy Spirit that helps us make right decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.

2. We do not need to continue the past. If it did not work for you as a child, then there is no need to pass it on to your children or other loved ones. We were not able. Do you want to pass on love or hate? It is a choice.

3. Keep mindful of our interactions with others. Choose truth and words that will lift up and are positive. Keep your emotions in check. Even when you think your son or daughter is so involved in their video game, television, or some other distraction, they are still curious and may be listening to every word and watching every action. My children are so curious, and I find them modeling their parent’s behavior. We set the standards for our children that feed into their actions, beliefs, and thoughts as children.

4. Regularly check in with your children-thoughts, actions, beliefs to see how they are interpreting things and are their actions appropriate. When we regularly monitor our child’s behavior, we are able to modify and mold appropriate behavior, starting with ourselves first if need to.

I am enjoying the unfolding of who I am. I believe we are all on the journey to know our truths and to help others do the same.


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