Be beautiful inside and out. You have control over your mind-what you internalize and what you decide is not worth your energy.


Culture: What will we do?


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Are you able to see the beauty and truth in someone else’s culture?

I am thankful for the diverse cultures that we have and so much truth and value in what others practice.  I believe that there is so much to learn from other cultures instead of belittling and discriminating groups of people because they do not practice what you practice, how you practice it, and when you practice it.  I am still hopeful that as we evolve, more and more individuals will come to the realization that just because others are different does not mean that they are inferior.  We were not made to war against each other based on culture.  Our differences were meant to serve a higher purpose.  We can either let our differences be necessary groundwork in evolving to our higher selves or continue to stay stagnant in old beliefs and practices that do not serve humanity.

It is such a waste of energy and time to focus on our differences. We are more alike than we are different.







When I decided to live a healthier life, I knew I needed a mental transformation first. There had to be a desire to choose healthier foods and to increase my physical activity. When I finally made the decision to “change my ways”, everything else (eating more fruits and vegetables, less fried and fatty foods, increasing my intake of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats (avocado, canola and olive oil, nuts, and increasing physical activity) became the right thing to do.

We all can change our status, and I have found that no lasting change will occur, unless we have the desire to change. We will make time instead of complain about how we do not have the time to exercise. We will buy and use the equipment we need to use, instead of complaining that the weather is not conducive to our change. We will make our health a priority, instead of complaining that we never have the time or money to change.

We will do what we need to do to accomplish the change we want to take place.