Enthusiasm: Gratitude

Enthusiasm Enthusiasm about life is what keeps me going in the mist of growing pains. I am so thankful for life and the opportunities to be the best that I can be. I believe that we all have missions here on earth. We are here to serve each other, and it is easy to become […]

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Conundrum: limited possibilities?

Conundrum One conundrum that I often face is helping others to see that it is possible to achieve their goals.   Once individuals see that achieving their goals is possible, their imaginary lid of “limited possibilities” comes off.  Tasks become easier to complete and are completed in a timely fashion.  It is amazing how much […]

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Flee: Your sanity, your life.

Flee : From individuals who consistently shoot down your dreams and call you “crazy.” Just because they do not believe in the possibilities does not mean that you should too. It may be time to look for better company. From those who belittle you so that they appear bigger than what they are. Soon, they […]

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