Flee: Your sanity, your life.



From individuals who consistently shoot down your dreams and call you “crazy.” Just because they do not believe in the possibilities does not mean that you should too. It may be time to look for better company.

From those who belittle you so that they appear bigger than what they are. Soon, they will find out that their height is an illusion. If they can’t see and appreciate your true beauty and your uniqueness, then you may want to look for better company.

From individuals who abuse you…emotionally, mentally, physically, and in any other way.  If they can’t see the power of your name, that you deserve life and respect you, because you are here, then you may want to look for better company.

From living an ordinary life and trying to fit in the crowd. You were made to be different. Even identical twins are different. If others want you to smile, talk, wear the same clothes, eat like them, breathe like them, agree with everything that they say, then you may want to look for better company.

You always have a choice. Thinking that you do not have a choice is a choice. If you think you do not have a choice, then you have chosen to limit your thoughts.

Heal within and be true to you!



Many educators and psychologist say that age 3-5 is a critical time for learning and helping to structure young children’s mind. I believe many behaviors and skills seen in adults are rooted in childhood. As a Nurse Educator and Certified Diabetes Educator, I have seen a lot of adults suffer from low self-efficacy. The word can’t sound so negative when I hear it and encourages limitations to what a person can or cannot do. I believe the word can’t need to be banned from our household, and I am on a mission to make it obsolete.

I find both my 5-year-old and 2-year-old using the word can’t sometimes. I think they may have picked it up from an episode of their favorite cartoon. Either way, I want our son and daughter to believe in the possibilities, know that there is more than one way to get something done, and experiment with different paths to get the same result while respecting others. I love encouraging our children to be optimistic and using problem-solving skills. I do not feel like I am forcing them to think a certain why….I try to be very careful with what I say and how I say it. I just wonder…. why wait until they are in school to encourage them to think for themselves and outside the box.

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Artificial vs. Authentic self?


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.Do you laugh at others when they make  mistakes (otherwise when they experience  life lessons along their journey) or encourage them to keep trying and not to give up. You trust that their missions are their missions in life and not yours, and it is okay that their missions/projects differ from yours.

You know that failing does not mean the end of whatever someone is doing.  Not getting things right the first, second, or 999th time, is a necessary step to get the result you seek.  You know that he or she is in the process of finding out what works and what does not work or what can be added or subtracted to make something better.  Think about what has been written about Thomas Edison (incandescent lighting system), and Walt Disney ( the first day Disney land opened).

2. Do you look to condemn others instead of sending positive thoughts their way and /or praying for them?  We are all connected, whether we admit it or not.

3. Do you want others to just do what you say and not be the role model that is needed to show them the way?  Your principles you teach do apply to you, too.

4. Do you seek relationships based on what others can do for you and not out of an earnest desire to build true relationships?  You try to build relationships not just within your own culture, race, religion, or those who look and act like you.

5. Do you look at the meaning of life as “everybody’s doing wrong” and life is not worth living” or ”nothing goes well for me”,  or do you believe that you have control over your life and by changing your beliefs and thoughts, you can change your actions?   Anything is possible at any age and at any stage in your life.

6. Do you look to compete/compare your life with others instead of focusing, visualizing, and taking responsibility for your own life’s journey and being satisfied with your progress?

7. Are you concerned with sabotaging others and their progress instead of embracing your own spiritual gifts , talents, and skills and how you can nurture and use them to be of service to others?

8. Are you more concerned about how others feel about you and say about you, or are you more concerned about your own spiritual growth and how you can be all that you can (your highest self)?  Your life matters!

9. Do you look for opportunities or use events to make fun of or call someone outside of their name, or do you respect the name that someone was given, just as you were given your birthname?

10.  Are you evolving to your highest self?

Heal within first,