Capable: You are

Intellect knows no color, Passion knows no race, Desire has no limitations, Destiny cares less about your upbringing, We are capable of more than we know.   In this journey, we all want to be fulfilled.  We want to be loved, respected and valued for who we truly are.  We are all on a similar […]

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Tiny feet

Tiny Tiny feet are what I wished for, As I carefully placed the picture on my vision board, I visualized a boy and a girl, that’s all I wanted in this whole world, to guide love, protect, and teach, little did I know, back in 2011, it was all within my reach, I […]

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Can we change someone’s destiny including our own?

Or, are our actions or inaction part of a predetermined fate? Or do we just mind our own business and let things be what they are especially if individuals are resistant to change and say “it is going to happen anyway?” Why try so hard to help others? Others may ask what is the point? […]

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