How can we?

How can we say we trust others or the world, when we do not trust ourselves and our journey? If we were made by the same creator, what makes another person superior to who you are? Are we not giving ourselves the credit that we deserve? Are we not capable of living our best life, too? Our best life or journey will be different, but different does not mean superior.

Trust is more than a five-letter word. Trust affects your relationship with yourself and others. I am learning that regardless of the disappointments and frustrations, I need to trust  myself and be in a position to trust others or at least give them the benefit of the doubt until otherwise noted.  
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Heal within, 


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You belong here….

Your life has meaning. You belong here, and you always have. Do not ever question your existence. Your past is your past. You can use your experiences to strengthen who you want to be. You are who you are. No one really cannot deny your place here on earth, because your life is your birthright.

Health within & make today great!



There is variety all around us..the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our coworkers, the buildings we enter, the homes we build, our families, our pets, the toys our children play with, and even the people we meet everyday. We were meant to be free-to enjoy this beautiful planet that we live on. Let’s celebrate July 4th, Independence Day with intention to live our best life in peace.