What are you thinking about this morning? Are your thoughts building you up or tearing you down? I hope your thoughts are  strengthening your foundation of truth. 

Make today great! 


It has been going on too long…

You are more than your circumstances. I believe it is true that we need not waste our time in captivity of blame, guilt, and shame. If someone has treated you less than idea or humane, do not give them the power to continually hurt you again by thinking of them. If our thoughts determine who we are, then why would we want to be less than who we are because of what someone else has done to us? The power of forgiveness is just that powerful. Lift yourself to new heights today  by forgiving someone you perceive has done you wrong. There is still too much pain lingering in this world and too much life to enjoy. Let’s stop the circle of fear, pain, and hatred. 

One person, one community, and one country at a time. 


Make your opportunity…

Sometimes, we may wait on others to see us for who we truly are and recognize our gifts and talents. We must see our own value and know that we have a place in this world. There is enough room for us all. We know many individuals who succeeded in life and faced criticism and lack of support/minimal support while pursuing their dreams. What can you do today to move you one step closer to making your dreams a reality? Life is a process. Keep moving forward and expect great things!