Hello Beautiful People! I hope all is well with you and yours.  Check out my facebook live on Temptation.  This is a Teachable Moment     Are you struggling with changing a habit?  What has helped you to stay on track to achieving your goals?   To Your Best Health & Life! Timika Chambers Integrative […]

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Did you forget something this morning?

Address your mind this morning. You have control. Decide what will stay and what will go? Check out the rest of this blog at   Do not forget to set your metabolism by eating breakfast this morning. To Your Best Health & Life Timika mindset #mindsetiseverything #purpose #passion #happiness #freedom #independence #calling #miracles #health […]

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Negative or Positive energy?

Our actions, including the tools we use, are an extension of ourselves. We have control over the energy that resides within us. We can choose to shield off negative energy or draw the negative energy within and hold onto it. Just because someone else is negative does not mean we need to be. Let the […]

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