Don’t give up

Roller coaster life   Up and down you go, Sometimes fast & sometimes slow, To the left, to the right, Until your dreams and goals appear out of sight. Bouts of laughter, copious tears Catching a glimpse of never-ending fears, Keep your eyes on the prize. You will look back with amazed eyes. You are […]

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It is so easy to get caught up…Life can become such a blur

Blur Timika’s morning pep talk. You have set goals. You planned. You were doing well until you saw and made a reason (or excuse) for you to stop–to stay up late with others,  to be entertained by T.V. and/or social media, to go to sleep without completing your goals, or not getting up at the […]

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Moody: Sometimes the things we don’t want to do, we need to do.

Moody Many individuals, including myself, at times, let our emotions direct our actions.   We may give into our negative emotions (feel moody) and start thinking negative about life .  Our thoughts influence our actions.  As a result of negative thinking, we may stop taking consistent action in achieving our goals. I spoke to one of […]

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