Relax and reflect


Do you take time to relax and reflect everyday?

I believe that it is important to have balance in your life. We should take time to relax and reflect on what we did that day, what worked, and what we can do better the next day. I believe that self-reflection should occur daily. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy with every bit of detail. Let what you need to give some thought come to you. If it is something that you need more time to consider, then write it down. Instead of purchasing journals, I purchase notebooks in August when school supplies are on sell.
Trust yourself.

The sooner you are able correct yourself and come up with a better plan for the next day, the better. The more you wait to do something, the more likely you will forget.

Thoughts and ideas tend to come much more easily when our brain….our body is relaxed.

Have you taken time to relax and reflect today?


Flee: Your sanity, your life.



From individuals who consistently shoot down your dreams and call you “crazy.” Just because they do not believe in the possibilities does not mean that you should too. It may be time to look for better company.

From those who belittle you so that they appear bigger than what they are. Soon, they will find out that their height is an illusion. If they can’t see and appreciate your true beauty and your uniqueness, then you may want to look for better company.

From individuals who abuse you…emotionally, mentally, physically, and in any other way.  If they can’t see the power of your name, that you deserve life and respect you, because you are here, then you may want to look for better company.

From living an ordinary life and trying to fit in the crowd. You were made to be different. Even identical twins are different. If others want you to smile, talk, wear the same clothes, eat like them, breathe like them, agree with everything that they say, then you may want to look for better company.

You always have a choice. Thinking that you do not have a choice is a choice. If you think you do not have a choice, then you have chosen to limit your thoughts.

Heal within and be true to you!

Martyr: It’s your call


If we find ourselves seeking attention through pain and suffering, then let’s dig deep inside to the root of our behavior.  Being a maryr, in a sense of exaggerating your suffering, may not bring you the positive reactions you seek.

I believe that unless someone proves you wrong, believe what he or she says.  This principle was also reinforced in nursing school. Therefore, if someone says that he or she hurts or is in pain, then I  believe him or her.  I do try to know as much as I can about the condition and understand the physiological and psychological aspects of that condition, so I can fully understand what is going on and help guide the individual to accurate and timely care.

There may times that we may use our illness or condition to elicit compassion, attention, gifts/desired action of others, and other reactions.  Even children will do things to elicit attention at times, especially when they are not receiving the attention they want, whether it is to have a parent put a band aid on a small cut or bruise or to get a hug or kiss from a parent.  Up until a certain age, individuals are limited in their expressions.  As adults, though, as long as we are mentally and physically capable, we should express our emotions and feelings to others.

We should not feel like we need to harm ourselves just to receive attention from others or feel like we need to make something more than it is.  If we know how to take care of ourselves, then we should do so.  There are healthy ways of communicating with others.

If there is something that is bothering you, then please take the time to discuss your concerns with loved ones.  If you feel that you need professional help, then seek it. Continue to take care of yourself.  You should never have to endanger your life to receive attention from others.  If someone is not giving you the attention you feel you deserve, communicate to him or her in a healthy and timely fashion.