Underground: Things kept in the dark have a way of revealing themselves.

When we think no one is watching, we may need to think again. The truth has a way of coming out.

I remember thinking as an adolescent that our life’s journey is supposed to strengthen our character. Of couse, we are not to judge others and continue to let someone’s past cloud our vision about them. We should carry the same compassion and understanding that we would want others to show for us. Once we know better, then we should make better choices, right?


Waiting: To exercise or not exercise. Not a question.


Exercise Clip Art

Between 2013 and 2014, I put on a few pounds—more like 20 lbs.  I wasn’t exercising and not really watching what I was eating.  Although I had an almost one year old and a 3 year old at that time, I could not look at myself and continue to make excuses why I was overweight and not exercising or eating healthy.  I knew I needed to start exercising for so many reasons including to reduce the strain I was putting on my body  ( my heart trying to compensate with the extra weight, pancreas probably shooting out extra insulin with all of the carbs and extra calories, fatigue, moody at times, etc. I also knew that, for me, it’s not good practice to encourage others to do something that you cannot do yourself. 

Going to the clubhouse to work out was just not working—the inconsistency was frustrating me big time, especially with trying to go when the clubhouse was open.   So, in September of 2015, I bought a treadmill, and I have not looked back.  I have lost the 30 lbs and then some.  I am making better choices with foods, as well. I put my treadmill in a place that I can’t help but look at it everyday.  Plus, I have equipment to use in the winter months.

I have seen others make positive changes in their life because they decided that waiting was not getting them anywhere.  What are you waiting on?  What positive changes can you make for yourself?



<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/urgent/">Urgent</a>


As I was preparing my dinner plate this evening, I was thinking about how I was going to repond to today’s word of the day.  I almost left the dinner table to go start typing my response to today’s blog, and then I realized, is anything really that urgent?

Is it really that urgent to wash the dishes or throw a load in the washing machine or dryer instead of sitting down to enjoy a meal with your family?

Is it really that urgent to make a phone call  instead of reading a book to your children?

Is it really that urgent to get to where you are going and have total silence in the car instead of leaving early enough and being able to sing a song with your children ?

Is it really that urgent to finish a home or work project immediately instead of taking breaks to drink water or eat a meal, instead of checking your blood sugars, checking your blood pressure, checking your heart rate, exercising for 30 minutes, or putting your feet up as prescribed by your doctor to control swelling in your feet?

If we plan accordingly, prioritze efficiently, and act in accordance of being in the best possible health possible while living your dreams and accomplishing your goals, then is there really anything that urgent?


From my heart to yours,