I Didn’t Know

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As a child, I didn’t know:

  1. what bullying, manipulation, incestual sexual abuse, and sexual assault meant. 
  2. I needed to heal from childhood sexual abuse. 
  3. Individuals who experienced childhood sexual abuse were at an increased risk of dropping out of high school and experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, teenage pregnancy, and substance abuse.
  4. Being in an abusive environment increased my risk of being abused.

Therefore, I relied on what I believed, heard, and saw. 

I believed:

  1. I was here for a purpose.
  2. True Love is possible.
  3. Life had more to show me.
  4. I am a student of life.

I heard:

  1. The Voice of reason within me. I had a connection to something greater than me, and I needed to listen. 
  2. My mother’s life principles including giving from the heart, living another day, cleaning your heart, taking care of what you have so God could bless you with more, listening, and how you do not need to create the past.
  3. Positive reinforcement from my mother, brothers, other family members, friends, and teachers

I saw:

  1. The two family members and many others get on with their lives, so I chose to get on with mine.
  2. Beautiful, poised, strong trees endure extreme temperatures, and each year, they looked better than the last one. 
  3. Character traits I wanted and did not want in movies and television shows. 

In my case, what I didn’t know, helped me. I dug deep within and called out for nature’s help. I do not minimize any experience anyone goes through. I know how important it is to understand how something affected us, but, I know our beliefs and what we hear and see impact our healing path from traumatic experiences.

Research and statistics have their place, but you do not have to put limits on how you should feel, respond, and think about your life experiences. 

Make this lifetime great!

You deserve it!


MSN BSN RN, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, ACE Fitness Instructor, CDCES

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Who are you?

Say yes to you!

Looking for others to appreciate you, love you, and validate you often leads to disappointment. There are some who see greatness in you; however, you do not have to go looking for these people. Be the one who sees your true essence and step into those shoes. Our happiness, joy, satisfaction, and sustainability in all areas of health comes from the power of knowing who we are.

When a loved one addressed me as “nurse,” I knew that I was more than a nurse. Yes. I am grateful for my accomplishments, discipline, and perseverance. I do not want others to see my accomplishments, I want to them to see me and my potential, which is more than my education and degrees. What we have in ourselves was not planted by schools; we can allow education to grow and refine our skills.

Do not be distracted by your age, color, education, current financial status, residence (home & neighborhood), race, religion, sexuality, and others. Become consumed with your potential.

What are your answers to the questions below?

1. Why am I here? To embrace, nourish, and display the God within.

2. Who created me? God. Even if you do not believe in God, there is a greater power than us in this world. Some things happen—thoughts that come to fruition, lives saved, bodies healed–that we cannot explain. How do we explain the ocean staying in a defined space? How the mountains stay in place? How do the trees stand so tall without someone holding them up? How can people say what you were thinking to yourself? How many times have asked for something or said something, and it happened?

3. What gifts lie in me that need embracing & nourishment? Early on in my nursing career, I knew that I was more than a nurse working in the hospital. “Just because I can do the work, does not mean that the work is for me.

4. Are my actions in alignment with who I am at the core or in someone else’s identity? Taking time to breathe, relax, and do the things that matter most to me bring moments of inner peace. I am unwinding the unnecessary tension that I built up in proving that I am a good person and a mother.

5. How much time do I spend getting to know myself? In the past, I spent a lot of time running around trying to get everything done, that I often lost myself in the “doing.”

6. What do I want to accomplish while I am here? My purpose. We all have purpose. No life is a mistake. You are here because someone wanted you here.

Make this Life Great! We do not know how long we are here?



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It is Tuesday. Make time for yourself each day and love your body–love the skin you are in—love your life. 

Make today great!!