Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hi there! You are an expression of love and therefore capable of expressing love. Remember that no experiences define you. Learn, live, and love. With love, Timika

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My Breakfast Skillet on a Plate

Good morning! I didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast, so I let my creativity lead the way. I am so grateful my meal plans are flexible. As you fulfill your purpose, take care of your body (your vehicle for your divine purpose). You can always fit vegetables in your breakfasts. Skillet breakfasts are a […]

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Healing From The Inside Out Principle #5: Harvest Fruit

Hi there! Do you believe experiences define you? Do you believe you have to be a statistic? I believe that no experience, including child abuse, defines you. We must cultivate the good fruit within us and moderate others’ seeds. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika

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