The Discussion About Color and Promoting Unity Within the Home First

Hi there, The color of our skin wasn’t meant to be a distraction but to be a part of our evolution of spiritual beings in earthly form. The personality and spirit are to become one, not to see division but unity, serving one another with compassion, grace, love, mercy, truth, and understanding. Just like the […]

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Is There Another Way To Deal?

Often we want to fight or run away from our emotions and feelings. See them as friends and they will be your friends. See them as enemies and so they shall be. There is always another way. Change your relationship with your emotions and feelings by changing how you see them. Make this lifetime great […]

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Healing From The Inside Out Principle #5: Harvest Fruit

Hi there! Do you believe experiences define you? Do you believe you have to be a statistic? I believe that no experience, including child abuse, defines you. We must cultivate the good fruit within us and moderate others’ seeds. Make this lifetime great because you still can! Timika

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