About Me–Timika S Chambers

Hi there! When contemplating what to write about myself, I thought of all my experiences. But, then I remembered that my experiences don’t define me. I do. So, here you go! My Beliefs: I believe: I am part of a greater Spirit that created the world and beyond. I am on an earthly mission to […]

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Guilt-free 2020

Photo by Snapwire on   I do not have to be sad. I do not have to hold on to anger, disappointment, and rage. I do not have to get sick. I do not have to treat my children like I was treated as a child. I do not have to get a chronic […]

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How to keep your gut healthy

Check out today’s “Teachable Moments.” What can you do to keep your gut healthy?           To Your Best Health & Life!   Timika

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