Part Of Accepting My Truth Was Shining The Lights On My Myths Part II

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Yesterday, I informed you of some of the myths I held about family and people as a child. A series of events continued to unfold the day I called out for nature’s help. Sometime after my experience with childhood sexual abuse, I dropped to my knees and prayed to know the Truth. I wanted to know the facts and not obscure my journey with judgments. I desired to know about human behavior because I wanted to understand what I now know us the cycle of pain. The memories of my childhood sexual abuse experience continued to fit like pieces to the puzzle.

Here are the remaining four myths I include in Chapter One in my memoir, Bent Not Broken.

1. People will be nice to me if I do what they say and remain quiet. Truth: My body, mind, and spirit are never up for a bargain.

2. I have to do what others are doing. Truth: Just because others are doing it does not make the action right.

3. Speaking up for myself has a time limit. Truth: The truth has no time limits. My feelings matter.

4. I am responsible for helping others feel good about themselves. Truth: I do not have to abuse, belittle, or neglect myself for the sake of others. People are responsible for themselves, just as I am responsible for my Self.

I believe knowledge is power, but how we use the information is essential to forgiving ourselves and others. I am not saying not to hold people accountable for their behaviors. I am saying what we all know. We cannot change people. The myths we hold about others are often self-imposed and potentially destructive to our well-being.


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Baby:You have missions to complete.

Remember your dreams/thoughts as a child. It is not too late to make your dreams a reality.

Believe you were intended to be here today. There is a reason you opened your eyes today.

Let ‘s get to the heart of the matter.
1. Sit still
2. What activity or activities brought you joy as a child?
3. If you are not doing those activities now, how can you make time for them now?
4. How can your Hobby become your career?

Heal within